Jul 25, 2011


I usually get very nostalgic whenever I eat puttu. I miss all the combinations we used to have - Puttu with Red Gram (Payar) curry and Pappadum - Puttu with bananas (Pazham) - Puttu with Black Chick Pea (Kadala) curry - Puttu with Egg curry and so on...
When I made Puttu for the first time it was a disaster. The problem was that I did not know the required consistency for the Puttu mix. Every time I would take the Puttu out of the mould it would collapse. When I took my sob-story to my mom and MiL they gave me the secret for making great Puttu. Want to know more – Read on.

Rice flour / Readymade Puttu Powder – 3 cups

1.      Here I used ready-made Puttu powder which is easily available in any Indian store. Add salt as needed. Sprinkle water into the powder. To check if the powder has attained the right consistency, make small balls with the flour. If it holds shape, the flour is ready.


2.      In the mould spread a layer of coconut first then alternate layers of rice flour and coconut. Top off the Puttu with a layer of coconut on top.


3.      Steam the flour for about 10 mins and the Puttu is ready to serve. Best eaten with black chickpea curry(kadala curry)

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  1. Thankyou for the tip... it is really helpful, I will try this now :)