Aug 10, 2011



3 cups finely chopped jackfruit
¾ kg jaggery
2-3 tbp ghee


1. Cook chopped jackfruit with enough water. If you are using a pressure cooker, one whistle will be enough. Mean while melt the jaggery with ¼ cup of water to make it a syrup.

2.  In a thick bottom sauce pan stir in the cooked jackfruit and smash it well. Cook the mixture until all the water gets evaporated and becomes thick. At this time add the strained  jaggery syrup and stir continuously until the mixture becomes thicker and the color changes to dark brown. At this time add the ghee and mix it well.

This mixture (chakka varatiyathe) can be stored in air tight containers for weeks in refrigerator. Chakka varatiyathe is used for making a varity of things like chakka adda,chakka unniappam etc

I used the below masher to smash the jackfruit into s paste.

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